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Home Office Best is the best resource to get the most of your home office. With our articles, you can optimize your workspace and stay productive. We offer a variety of advice that are tailored to fit different budgets and needs for all types of businesses. From maximizing limited space with furniture solutions, to providing ergonomic assessments for the healthiest work environment possible, we’ll help you get the most out of your space while improving your productivity at work! Contact us today to see how we can help make more room in your life!

Sidney Shafer

Sidney Shafer is a writer for Home Office Best. Sidney specializes in creative writing as well as social media management.

He has been published on sites such as Thought Catalog, and Gothamist. She advices professional writers and helps aspiring authors improve their skillset.

In his free time he enjoys reading books about the art of writing or practicing calligraphy with old-fashioned ink pens on paper.

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Sidney Shafer
Jasper Melton

Jasper Melton

Jasper Melton writes for Home Office Best. Jasper has been writing since his school days, but only recently decided to finally pursue it as a profession. When he’s not writing, Jasper can be found reading books on the history of coffee or playing with his dog, Cubby. He loves animals and currently has two cats and one dog living at home.

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